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“With $1,400,000,000,000 of Gold Still in the Ground, Finding Gold is a Sure Thing!” This is a picture from over a quarter of a century ago when I started Gold Prospecting. Let me help you get a successful start.

Learn HERE in days what I learned in over a QUARTER CENTURY of GOLD PROSPECTING! “My Experience Will Become Yours By Following My Simple, Easy To Understand Instructions!” . . . . and
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“There’s no substitute for experience, even if it’s someone elses!”

Finding Gold is quite possibly the most exciting and fastest growing recreational activity of modern times. It is an excellent, economical outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy together. Both private and government sources believe that at least 80% of the gold native to the USA is still in the ground waiting to be found. Based on the recorded amount of gold that has been removed, the 80% that is left would be over a billion ounces. At today’s (February 2011) market price of gold, $1,400 per troy ounce, the value of a billion ounces is $1,400,000,000,000.

I have researched every location in the USA where gold has been reported, or recorded, and documented the amounts by state and county, or mining district. If you were looking for sea shells, you would go to a beach. If you are looking for gold, go to an area where it is known to exist. The history of gold in the USA began over 200 years ago, and continues today. Become a recreational gold prospector, and you will become a part of that history.
Finding gold in the USA is a richly rewarding recreation. Work at it hard, and it can bring you wealth. Do it as a hobby and you will treasure the wonderful experiences, as well as the amount of gold that you find. Join a club, and you will enjoy wholesome outings in the great outdoors with your family and friends.
I have included 6 pages about the 5 Gold Rushes that have occurred in the USA since 1829. When you go to the first page of the GOLD RUSHES, it will explain a little about each one, and there will be links there to take you to pages that are devoted to each one.
One page that you are sure to enjoy is about finding REAL GOLD and how to tell the difference between it and FOOL’S GOLD. It also contains very interesting, and important information about gold. Other links on that page will take you to the pages that are devoted to more detail about who owns the gold, what open areas are, national clubs and very important facts about gold that will help you locate it on a claim.
Then go to a page on RECOVERING GOLD for information on various ways to recover the gold. Links on that page will take you to other pages that are devoted to explaining each of the ways.
Then go to a page on GOLD CLUBS for information listing over 100 local gold prospecting clubs, and more than 250 mining claims in 25 states of the USA as well as 10 claims in Canada. There are links in that list that will take you to pages that detail the north-west, south-west, mid-west, north-east and south-east areas of the USA. Each area lists the names of the local gold prospecting clubs and the contact person (when available) by city and state.
I grew up hunting and fishing in the mid-west, but it wasn’t until I moved to California in 1977 that I found the most facinating, interesting and rewarding recreational activity I’ve ever known . . . . GOLD PROSPECTING !
I sincerely hope you enjoy this information, and that you will decide to become a recreational gold prospector and . . . . GO FOR THE GOLD . . . !
Now lets take a look at How to Become a Gold Prospector and what to do first!