Ultimately you will probably want to be part of a club, so that you have claims to work on, and others to learn from, and prospect with. Look in the Gold-Clubs section below to find the clubs closest to where you are. Also, check the local phone book for any local clubs that might not be listed here. You will want to join the GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America). They are a great organization of wonderful people to learn from, with fabulous gold claim properties for you to have great family fun on. What more could you want, and the GOLD YOU FIND IS YOURS TO KEEP!

 Many local gold-clubs exist throughout the USA!

These clubs have, and maintain, claims in their areas for the membership to enjoy. They have outings, where you will not only find gold, but can learn all about how to become a successful prospector from other members who are more experienced. These are family outings with pot-luck dinners and other functions for the whole family to enjoy. Camping on the claims is very popular as well.

The states and towns that are listed will be gold-clubs that are associated with the GPAA and LDMA national organizations. There are 105 local clubs in 33 cities, and there are 258 claims in 25 states as well as 10 claims in Canada for their members to use. These are great places for the whole family to spend weekends, vacations or holidays. Other members are always very friendly and helpful, and as I said YOU ALWAYS KEEP ALL THE GOLD YOU FIND !


The 6 states in the NORTH-WEST area are Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.  

The 5 states in the SOUTH-WEST area are California, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

The 10 states in the MID-WEST area are South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.

The 5 states in the NORTH-EAST area are Maine, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The 8 states in the SOUTH-EAST area are Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma and Florida.

For more detailed information on each area go to the links above.

 In Canada there are no GPAA gold-clubs, but there are 10 mining claims available to the membership for prospecting. Each GPAA family membership receives a huge mining guide book (over one inch thick) with directions to over 250 mining claims

PLEASE NOTE: The gold-club listings (in the individual states) that you will see when you click on the area links above, are listed by the GPAA website as of January, 2008. I have only listed them to emphasize that the GPAA is not just a large national organization, but also exists at local levels over 34 states. As time goes on, please visit the GPAA website for the most current club location information at