LDMA Provides Patented Private Properties:

LDMA properties yield excellent gold!

When the LDMA, Lost Dutchman Mining Association was formed in 1976, the future of gold prospecting as a recreational activity was assured. It was formed by the same people who formed the GPAA, George and Wilma Massie, along with their two sons Perry and Tom. Our right to prospect on public lands was established with the mining laws signed into law in 1872 by president Ulysses S. Grant. The GPAA holds the mineral rights to over 250 claims on public lands, and use of them depends on maintaining those laws. The difference with the Lost Dutchman’s organization is that they own the land, and mining on their properties is not regulated by the laws for public lands. This assured the future of recreational gold prospecting, and I became a lifetime member of this organization along with the GPAA membership over a quarter of a century ago.

They started with one historic gold property, Italian Bar in California’s Mother Lode. They now have a number of deeded, patented private properties such as Stanton, Arizona, a gold rush town that is being restored by volunteer members. I personally have enjoyed both of those properties. Other properties include the Scott River property located deep in the lush forests of northern California.

Although the Lost Dutchman’s properties are in very beautiful settings, the most important consideration when new properties are being evaluated is their gold-producing potential. Exhaustive tests are made in the area to ensure that Lost Dutchman’s members will have continued access to proven gold reserves. Members also have access to many mining claims in the West’s richest mining areas. And always, all of the gold they find is theirs to keep!